Serendipity 4.4

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We have one of a kind Anti-Modding System, that prevent other users from doing mods with your character. Such as; disabling tasks, explosions, lag you with particle fx or take your weapons!

VPN Friendly

We allow all our customers to change their IP & Use VPN much as they want. We believe in Privacy & Security!

24/7 Support

We provide support 24/7, even on Christmas! We have our own ticket system, and live support chat available.

Garage Editor

We have the most advanced Garage Editor on the market. It allows you to remotely modify, and upgrade all your cars through our menu.

Free Updates

We provide you 100% free updates - no matter how big the update is!

Client Info

Serendipity also has ability to get information about other users in the lobby, such as how much money they have, health, what they are driving & much more.